Graham Stacy

Konstnär/Artist Graham Stacy info@grahamstacy.se

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Scott Adams



Teckningar är platta - Världen är inte platt. Böj den en aning och något händer. Detsamma gäller fantasin.

Drawings are flat. The world is not flat - bend it a little and something happens. As with your imagination.

I like my works to stand directly on the pavement or on a rock or the grass . They are based on personal experiences or ideas I have thought about for a longer time. This work is in a small town in Sweden - in an area known for textile productions - and is based on a textile for a chain store. The fox is surprised by the bitter taste of the rowan berry which looks so attractive. The commune who commissioned the work did not know that the textile designer was a personal acqaintance but this gave an extra meaning as the work is also a monument to all the designers - usually women - who went around the area and sold their designs to the different factories.